Industrial Labels

Industrial Labels

Industrial standards mean different things in different industries which is why GSM Graphic Arts manufactures labels using a variety of materials and manufacturing methods to suit each application.

Marine applications require robust labels that can withstand the harshest of weathers and salt spray. GSM Graphic Arts solution is either an under-surface printed plastic label and/or a 316 etched and infilled stainless steel label, both are manufactured in our factory in the UK using the latest technology.

In contrast to this the Audio market will not require labels to endure such harsh environments but they do still require industrial labels because the products they produce will be quite heavily handled during concerts and shows so GSM offers anodised aluminium front panels to ensure that they are scratch resistant and long lasting.

The transport market require eye-catching industrial labels that will survive much travelling in various different modes. GSM responds to this with either an embossed aluminium badge or a domed resin label and both can withstand outdoor applications to ensure long durability.

We endeavour to find a suitable solution to any application so for further information on how we may help with your industrial label solution please call us on +44 (0) 1845 522184 or click here to request a quotation.