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Barcode labels
Barcode labels

Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

With many years experience of producing unique identification and barcode labels GSM can reproduce both linear and datamatrix barcodes labels onto anodised aluminium, under surface printed polycarbonate and even stainless steel.

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The linear barcode labels are typically produced using either code 39 or code 128 barcodes. Code 39 does not contain a check digit and its low data density means that it will require more space to encrypt data, hence a larger barcode label whereas the code 128 type is a high density barcode containing a check digit and is suitable for both alphanumeric and numeric codes. Both barcode types are used in a wide range of industrial and logistics applications and can  be produced as sequentially numbered barcode labels either on a roll or as a rugged anodised aluminium label.

A datamatrix, or 2D, barcode is a 2 dimensional code consisting of white and black squares holding a variety of information including Part Numbers, Serial Numbers, and Manufacturer Codes etc. These can be produced using our unique digitally printed and anodised aluminium process are used in Military, Aerospace and Electronics applications.

We can also reproduce QR codes, commonly used in Marketing, which when scanned provide a direct connection to a specific web page outlining the company, product or even instructions for use!

We can offer the most suitable process for your barcode labels depending on your particular application:-

Roll-form labels offer an economical option for high volume usage in low risk applications such as Electronics, Logistics and Warehousing.

Anodised aluminium barcodes provide a hard wearing finish in which the code is printed into the grain of the material – these are used in Military, Asset Management and Industrial applications.

Undersurface printed polycarbonate, where the barcode is printed on the rear of the material, ideal in applications where a full colour, flexible label or tag is required. Ideal for Marketing, Medical and Warehousing applications.

Etched stainless steel is used in very high temperature applications or in harsh environments such as the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our barcode labels can be supplied with either a self-adhesive backing, suitable to adhering to various substrates, or with fixing holes depending on your requirements. Using the latest digital printing technology we can also print full colour logos and text detail onto your barcode labels to ensure that they meet with your specific requirements.

For further information on our range of barcode labels call a member of our Sales Team on +44(0)1845 522184 or click here to request a brochure.

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