Serial Plates

GSM Graphic Arts Serial No. Labels 0191
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Serial Plates

Serial Plates

As part of the GSM Group, Graphic Arts is an international supplier of serial plates.

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Over 40 years we have supplied numerous companies within many industries with serial plates including the oil & gas industry and the offshore & marine industry.

GSM can supply metal serial plates as anodised aluminium that has been digitally printed. Anodised aluminium has an anodic layer over the ink that protects the detail from scratching and wearing away making anodised aluminium serial plates suitable for use as exterior labels and nameplates.

We also offer laser marked stainless steel serial plates that we can sequentially number with your bespoke information. Prior to marking this information we can chemically etch and infill the stainless steel labels to provide you with a multi-coloured logo and other static information you may require. The removal of the surface of the stainless steel using the laser ensures that this method is durable enough to withstand offshore and petrochemical applications.

As an alternative to metal serial plates we also manufacture plastic serial plates. The material is under-surface or sub-surface printed meaning that the ink is printed in reverse to the rear of the clear plastic. This creates a barrier to the ink protecting it from the elements making it great for use as an outdoor label.

Our investment into the latest technology enables us to digitally print the serial number required onto the plates using UV inks that are more resistant to weathering. To discuss our exterior serial plates further, please call 01845 522 184 to speak with a member of the team or request a brochure today.