Aluminium Serial Number Plates and Labels

At GSM, we are leading aluminium serial number and rating plate manufacturers.

Whether a vinyl serial number plate or a hard-wearing, durable rating plate, trust our 45 years’ experience working with all industries to deliver you the very best solution.

With a comprehensive range of processes, all of our aluminium serial number plates (or rating plates) and labels are manufactured to the highest British standards — ISO 9001:2008.

What is a Serial Number Plate or Rating Plate?

The two terms can generally be used interchangeably — they are plates that are attached to products or equipment that require a tag for identification.

The only difference might be that a serial number plate’s key role is to include a serial number — a unique identifier for an item. A rating plate, on the other hand, can provide extra pieces of information that identifies the product, but may not necessarily be considered a serial number.

A plate that contains this extra information is more likely to be referred to as a rating plate. These plates can also include information like energy efficiency, fuse types, and other similar gradings that might help an individual to better understand the precise functions of the product.

These types of plate can also be referred to as data plates or placards.

Bespoke Serial Number Plates For Your Industry

Serial number plates are used within almost all industries. The catering industry, for example, may require nameplates for kitchen equipment that are able to endure harsh washing detergents. A plastic serial number rating plate that is under-surface printed with water resistant adhesive to the rear will do the job.

Electronics manufacturers can require rating plates that carry information about products, just as assets in the security and surveillance industry may need to be serialised with an anodised aluminium solution. Anodised aluminium serial number rating plates can also provide a solution as a rugged barcode.

Having been a leading serial number plate and serial number label manufacturer since 1974, the chances are that we’ve worked with your market sector and will be able to provide you with an appropriate, long-lasting, high-performance solution.

High Performance & Robust, Even in Harsh Environments

Serial number plates can tend to be used in adverse, challenging conditions — be it severe weather, chemical cleansing, humidity, salt spray or extreme temperatures. Depending on your requirements, we can manufacture stainless steel decals that have been chemically etched and filled to ensure maximum resistance.

We can provide the serial plates with either strong, weatherproof adhesive and/or rivet holes. These can be punched to specified sizes to ensure that the metal rating plate cannot be removed or defaced.

All of the serial number labels and plates we manufacture conform to the finest standards and can be tailored specifically to your environment and application. This might include a personalised logo or design.

We can also help you identify each product through the use of serial data numbers that are generated by your company.

A Comprehensive Range of Processes

By digitally printing into the pores of the electrically-charged metal, we can provide serial number rating plates that contain variable data. This ensures that your products are individual and able to be identified as a singular item as well as as part of a range.

We offer equipment nameplates and product nameplates to further help identify items. Alternatively, we can laser engrave or stamp sequential numbers onto anodised aluminium, etched nameplates and stainless steel nameplates.

Our leading processes are the product of over 45 years’ experience and innovation. Trust our team to discover and deliver the perfect solution for your requirements.

Talk to Our Team to Discuss Your Needs

As well as offering a range of materials for your serial plates and rating plates — including plastic, anodised aluminium or stainless steel — we can offer design support tailored to meet your needs. This can include your personalised logo or other designs, ensuring everything is on brand.

Let us be a one stop shop for all your serial number plate and label requirements. Fill in our request a quote form, email or phone 01845 522 184 to talk to our team. You may also like to request our brochure and sample pack.