Metallic Finish Polyester Labels


Metallic Finish Polyester Labels

Metallic Finish Polyester Labels

Have you considered using metallic finish polyester labels in order to give your product labelling that extra dimension?

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Our metallic finish polyester labels are created by using a metallised Polyester substrate and surface printing the text detail protected by a UV lacquer or over laminate providing a cost effective metallic finish to the label. These can be supplied on a roll, in sheets or as individual labels suitable for logo badges as well as product identity and rating labels.

Alternatively to achieve a more robust finish print chrome and metallic inks can be under surface printed onto Lexan Polycarbonate and Autotype Polyester in a range of thickness to suit your particular requirements.

When incorporated metallic finish polyester labels into the design of your control panels and graphic overlays the chrome and metallic inks can be printed selectively onto suitable overlay materials such as Polycarbonate and Polyester and so embossed switch areas and clear window areas for led and lcd displays can also still be achieved as part of the design.

The appearance of the chrome and metallic inks can be changed by printing behind textured, gloss and anti-glare finishes and we have even printed metallic inks onto brushed materials to give a true metal finish with the economics and flexibility of a plastic label.

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