Durable Plastic Labels

Durable Plastic Labels

GSM Graphic Arts has manufactured plastic labels for over four decades ensuring that they can be used in a variety of environments and industries.

At GSM we have an extensive range of plastic materials which enables us to supply a range of industries with plastic labels that suit their application.

Offering polycarbonate labels enables us to digitally print providing shorter runs for prototyping or screen print for the larger quantity labels. Along with this we can under-surface print onto the polycarbonate to provide a durable plastic label that is chemical, water and UV resistant. To ensure the plastic label on your product looks professional whilst been functional we use a range of finishes to suit the application, we have the capability to provide a matt finish to the label whilst ensuring that the viewing windows are gloss providing a clear image.

We recommend a polyester label to help provide an anti-glare finish to your chosen label reducing the effects of lighting reflections therefore aiding the legibility of the plastic label. Using a variety of adhesives enables GSM to be sure that the label can adhere securely in a variety of environments.

Often metallic finish plastic labels are requested by our customers, these are produced by using special inks that give the effect of either chrome or brushed metal providing a lighter weight option for your product labels and applications.

Self-adhesive plastic labels come in all shapes, sizes and qualities. We can provide you with a self-adhesive vinyl roll label or an under-surface printed, anti-glare polyester label; whatever your application GSM will provide the solution. Please call +44 (0) 1845 522184 or click here to request a quotation.