Product Design Labels

Product Design Labels

For various reasons manufacturers use professional product design companies to take on the R & D part of their product development. GSM Graphic Arts works with product designers to create the perfect product.

With our team of skilled graphic designers we work with product design companies through the R & D process without forgetting that once designed this the product then has to be suitable to manufacture in the thousands or more.

We offer plastic overlays, labels and nameplates that are suitable for digitally printing and laser cutting to avoid origination charges for initial prototypes. We can offer various finishes and different options, including metallic, plastic and aluminium, to choose from until we have the perfect product label.

Metal panels and enclosures can also be digitally printed and laser cut using the latest printing and laser cutting technology. Aluminium panels are anodised before printing to protect the detail from its surroundings once in place on the product. Stainless steel panels and product nameplates can be chemically etched and infilled with paint to produce a robust finish that is suitable for use in some of the harshest environments such as the oil & gas and offshore industries.

To discuss working with us on your prototype project, please click here or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to speak with a member of our team