Warning Labels

Warning Labels

For over 4 decades GSM Graphic Arts have manufactured warning labels.

There are various options we offer for a durable warning label dependent upon your application. Stainless steel warning labels are used within the oil & gas and marine industries. We etch away the detail required and then fill it with enamel paint to provide a durable and hard-wearing stainless steel warning label.

Anodised aluminium warning labels are another durable warning label and tend to be used by transport and gym equipment manufacturers as well as used for outdoor applications. Anodising the aluminium seals the printed ink and warning colours below the anodic layer to ensure that they stay bright and noticeable for a long time.

We can also provide the medical and catering equipment manufacturers with plastic under-surface printed warning labels. Due to these being under-surface printed it makes them more hygienic and ensures that the print cannot be removed without destroying the label.

We are also able to provide smaller warning labels on a roll for high quantities and for ease of application once the products are in production.

For further information or to receive samples of our warning labels, please click here or call +44 (0) 1845 522184.