Heat wave resistant Exterior Labels

Heat wave resistant Exterior Labels

Following the recent ‘heatwave’ we have experienced in the UK it is important to ensure that all signage and labelling is still visible and intact.

At GSM Graphic Arts we offer UV resistant labels that are ideal for use externally and also in all other weather types. There is the option for both metal and plastic exterior labels and we offer processes for both.

Anodised aluminium exterior labels are used across many industries that require outdoor labels. Anodising the aluminium is the process of electrically charging aluminium to effectively open the pores of the metal. We then print into the pores using UV resistant ink. We can digitally print the aluminium should you need to include a barcode or serial number. Finally the exterior labels are sealed to create an anodic layer to protect the ink from the outdoor weather elements.

Plastic exterior labels offer an alternative to metal but are just as durable. We use clear polycarbonate or polyester plastic that is then under-surface printed using UV resistant inks. Again, these can be digitally or screen printed and offer the option to house either static or variable information on the exterior label.

For further information on our UV resistant exterior labels or to request a sample pack please click here or call +44 (0) 1845 522184 to speak our team.